The Inevitable Taylor Swift Entry Into The Mannequin Challenge Sweepstakes Has Arrived

It can’t be easy for Taylor Swift to set up a Mannequin Challenge clip. It’s not that we have a hard time believing Taylor can keep still, we just fret over the headaches that must come from having to sort out the schedule of your Squad™ and see who’s available and coordinate from there. It seemed inevitable that Taylor would participate (especially with famous faces like Hillary Clinton and Destiny’s Child already taking part), but it was more of a question of when. Thanksgiving Day ended up serving as the “when.”

Billboard reports that Taylor enjoyed Thanksgiving with her family and friends at her Rhode Island beach house. This shindig afforded Taylor an excellent opportunity to join in the trend and confirm that she’s still a fan of friendship. Todrick Hall, Martha Hunt, Lily Donaldson, Leah McCarthy and Taylor’s brother Austin took on the challenge along with the “Style” recording artist. Does this particular entry feature some trademark Taylor Swift style dancing before coming to a close? Of course it does. Did Taylor ask her new close personal friend Drake to join in? We may never know. Although we can wildly speculate amongst ourselves about that and that’s just as exciting.

(Via Billboard)