The Chainsmokers Are ‘High’ On Their Massive New Single

At the top of the year, The Chainsmokers let everyone know they’d be taking 2022 by storm with a parody clip that detailed just how hard it is to be them. After that uh, “illegal and reckless” concert in New York, maybe they’re not wrong? ) Anyway, not to say their exceptional 2021 decision to support the Emo Nite film wasn’t a great thing, too, just that they’ve made it clear they’d have more new music this year.

Right at the end of the short video they shared a few days ago teasing their return, we got a tiny preview of what their new single was going to sound like, and now the brand new track is here. Dubbed “High,” the song details an up and down relationship that seems to have more highs when the person involved is, well, high. It’s slightly more pop-punk than some of their previous EDM-heavy material, but still pretty signature Chainsmokers.

In the cinematic new video, one half of the duo is falling through the sky and landing on an airplane, while the other is inside the plane freaking out about a person landing on the wing! More sky high airplane drama ensues, but in the end, The Chainsmokers come out on top. Check out the new song and video up top, and look for more information on a new album from the DJ/producer duo coming later this year.