ODESZA’s ‘The Last Goodbye’ Finale At The Gorge Will Feature An Incredible Treat To Fans

As ODESZA begins saying goodbye to their fans (forever? for now?) the prolific electronic duo is wrapping their finale leg of The Last Goodbye tour with a bang by taking things back to where they started.

To close out their final tour… for the foreseeable future… ODESZA has teamed up with SETUP and SNAPDRAGON to create a monumental immersive visual installation for July 4, 5, and 6 at the Gorge.

An installation called ECHOES is set to be one of ODESZA’s most technically ambitious projects to date, paying homage to the duo’s groundbreaking career, the community they’ve built, and showcasing their unrelenting commitment to technology and jaw-dropping visuals.

To tell the story of this epic endeavor in real time, Uproxx Studios is teaming with ODESZA, SETUP, and SNAPDRAGON to release a four-part series. The first video (above) shows the duo working out how their recursive design and themes in their music influenced their title for the structure and the start of how these ideas are going to come to life, powered by the groundbreaking speed and efficiency of SNAPDRAGON.