The Kid Laroi Expands His Debut Mixtape For A Third Time With The New ‘F*ck Love 3+: Over You’

The Kid Laroi’s F*ck Love mixtape is a gift that keeps on giving. It was originally released in the summer of 2020 in a modest 15-track, 30-minute format. A deluxe edition later that year, titled F*ck Love (Savage), added some more tracks, which was followed just last week by F*ck Love 3: Over You, another expanded edition of the album. Now, the Australian rapper/singer is back with yet another addition to the album, this time dubbed F*ck Love 3+: Over You.

This version of the album adds six new songs — “I Don’t Know,” “About You,” “Lonely And F*cked Up,” “Situation,” “Attention,” and “Best For Me” — and bumps the mixtape’s total track count to 35 with a runtime of an hour and 18 minutes. While previous addendums to the album introduced songs with new featured artists — most notably the Justin Bieber collaboration “Stay” from F*ck Love 3: Over You — all of the song added via F*ck Love 3+: Over You feature Laroi unaccompanied.

Laroi wrote of the project on social media, “6 NEW SONGS OUT NOW!!!!! F*CK LOVE 3+!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU FAMILY. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.”

Stream F*ck Love 3+: Over You below.

F*ck Love 3+: Over You is out now via Columbia Records.