The National’s New ‘Carin At The Liqour Store’ Video Is A Photo Negative Mind-Trip

We are exactly one month away today from finally receiving The National’s first new album in over four years, Sleep Well Beast. To commemorate that heady milestone, the band decided to treat us all to a new selection from that project, a song titled “Carin At The Liquor Store.”

The song itself is a rather mournful piano ballad, where singer Matt Berninger is left to defend himself in the wake of a heartbreaking rejection, but is determined to do something about it. “So blame it on me / I really don’t care / It’s a foregone conclusion / It wasn’t so bad, I wasn’t that sick / Taken by love, I wasn’t that quick / It’s a foregone conclusion / It’s gonna be different after tonight / You’re gonna see me in a different light.”

“Carin At The Liquor Store” is the third single we’ve gotten from Sleep Well Beast thus far, following in the wake of “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness” and “Guilty Party.” The band also recently aired out another new track called “Born To Beg” during a recent gig in upstate New York.

You can watch the video for “Carin At The Liquor Store” above and check out the full track list from their upcoming album Sleep Well Beast, which drops on September 9 below.

1. “Nobody Else Will Be There”
2. “Day I Die”
3. “Walk It Back”
4. “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness”
5. “Born to Beg”
6. “Turtleneck”
7. “Empire Line”
8. “I’ll Still Destroy You”
9. “Guilty Party”
10. “Carin at the Liquor Store”
11. “Dark Side of the Gym”
12. “Sleep Well Beast”