The Weeknd Is Making Up For His LA Fumble With A ‘Live From SoFi Stadium’ Special On HBO Max

Does it seem to anyone else that all the streamers are investing pretty heavily in concert films? I mean, it makes sense; they’re relatively cheap to produce, they come with a built-in audience, and they tend to have pretty long streaming tails. It’s the rare recent streaming strategy that is a win-win for both the platforms and their viewers — as well as the artists who license their concert footage out.

The latest act to take advantage of this lucrative trend is The Weeknd, whose new concert special for HBO Max, The Weeknd: Live At SoFi Stadium, has a premiere date of February 25.

If ever there was a case of turning lemons into lemonade, this would have to be it. During his After Hours Til Dawn Tour, The Weeknd’s voice gave out during the second Los Angeles show, prompting him to promise a refund to the 70,000 fans in attendance. At the time, he promised to “make it up to you with a new date” after confirming that his voice was “safe.”

It looks like many more fans will get to see the show thanks to the upcoming concert special, which is a pretty cool way to make up for the fumble.