What Songs Is The Weeknd Playing On The ‘After Hours Til Dawn’ Tour?

The pandemic made it so The Weeknd couldn’t tour behind 2020’s After Hours immediately following its release, but he didn’t want that to stop him from putting out another album. He ended up doing just that, dropping Dawn FM earlier this year. That didn’t put an After Hours tour to rest, though. Instead, The Weeknd is supporting both albums on his ongoing After Hours Til Dawn tour.

The trek kicked off in mid-July and so far, The Weeknd has six shows under his belt (as of August 4). At those concerts, what songs has he been performing most?

The answer right now is all of them, according to data from Setlist.fm, the most comprehensive resource for concert setlists available online; For each show, he’s had the exact same 29-song setlist, which makes sense given how early into the tour he is.

Setlist.fm also has an “average setlist” for the After Hours Til Dawn tour, which is based on setlists from previous shows, so it’s an indication of how an upcoming The Weeknd show might be structured. This one was probably pretty easy to figure out.

As for album-by-album representation on the setlist, Dawn FM has the most songs included, followed closely by After Hours. Then, it’s Starboy, Beauty Behind The Madness, House Of Balloons, My Dear Melancholy, and Kiss Land. If all the “covers” (songs The Weeknd performs on but isn’t the primary artist of on the album version) were considered an album, they’d go after Starboy in the rankings and before Beauty.

Find The Weeknd’s most played songs on After Hours Til Dawn tour below, as well as the tour’s average setlist. Check out The Weeknd’s upcoming tour dates here.

T1. “After Hours” (6 performances for all songs)
T1. “Alone Again”
T1. “Blinding Lights”
T1. “Call Out My Name”
T1. “Can’t Feel My Face”
T1. “Crew Love” (Drake cover)
T1. “Die For You”
T1. “Faith”
T1. “Gasoline”
T1. “Heartless”
T1. “How Do I Make You Love Me?”
T1. “Hurricane” (Kanye West cover)
T1. “I Feel It Coming”
T1. “I Was Never There”
T1. “Is There Someone Else?”
T1. “Kiss Land”
T1. “Less Than Zero”
T1. “Low Life” (Future cover)
T1. “Often”
T1. “Or Nah” (Ty Dolla Sign cover)
T1. “Out Of Time”
T1. “Party Monster”
T1. “Sacrifice”
T1. “Save Your Tears”
T1. “Starboy”
T1. “Take My Breath”
T1. “The Hills”
T1. “The Morning”
T1. “Wicked Games”

“Alone Again”
“How Do I Make You Love Me?”
“Can’t Feel My Face”
“Take My Breath”
“Hurricane” (Kanye West cover)
“The Hills”
“Crew Love” (Drake cover)
“Low Life” (Future cover)
“Or Nah” (Ty Dolla Sign cover)
“Kiss Land”
“Party Monster”
“After Hours”
“Out Of Time”
“I Feel It Coming”
“Die For You”
“Is There Someone Else?”
“I Was Never There”
“Wicked Games”
“Call Out My Name”
“The Morning”
“Save Your Tears”
“Less Than Zero”
“Blinding Lights”