Thundercat, Michael McDonald And Kenny Loggins Will Be A Yacht Rock Dream Team On ‘The Tonight Show’

Bass virtuoso Thundercat made an entire album full of cracked, jazz-addled tributes to Quiet Storm and Yacht Rock legends called Drunk. He even invited a few of them along on the first single “Show You The Way” — featuring the unmistakable work of Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins. And now Thundercat is bringing that incomprehensibly smooth dream team to The Tonight Show.

The trio will perform “Show You The Way” for Fallon’s audience on June 5. Late shows notoriously exist as a product to have sex or fall asleep to. But we have a feeling that Thundercat’s performance might shift the balance a tiny bit.

During an interview with Red Bull Music Academy, the Brainfeeder scene stalwart explained what it was like to work with two of his heroes on the funky single. He says he was introduced to Loggins after confessing his love for the songwriter repeatedly and that Loggins had the idea to bring in McDonald.

“These are guys that I’ve listened to and where I felt that I’ve learned that honesty in the music. Kenny Loggins is one of my favorite songwriters,” he said. “I think one of the most beautiful moments of it was realizing how amazing Michael McDonald was. He would go through so many ideas and have so much to offer.”

This performance is pretty much guaranteed to be one worth staying up for.