(For You)r Consideration: The Hottest TikTok Trends In Music This Week

(For You)r Consideration is a weekly column breaking down the rappers and singers doing it RIGHT on TikTok and the viral TikTok music trends and top songs taking over your FYP.

What’s A Mob To A King?

Frank Ocean is no stranger to virality. In 2013, the singer dropped an “Open Letter” on Tumblr, where he spoke poetically about his first love and became a bisexual icon. Jumping just about ten years forward, it’s a no-brainer that Frank’s pen is still relevant. The chorus on 2011’s “No Church in the Wild,” is the sound supporting TikTok’s latest trend using the Photo feature. Users are spotlighting the Great Chain of Being, a hierarchical structure of all matter and life, and power structures alluded to in the song, seemingly present in popular TV shows and movies. TikTokers have taken to the app to break down cult classics like Arrested Development, highlighting Michael Cera’s character as a “God” and the quirky Tobias Fünke as a “non-believer.” Other media in the mix? The dystopian film The Hunger Games and the campy reality TV show, Dance Moms.

Who is Ken Carson?

“Freestyle 2” by Atlanta native and Playboi Carti protegee Ken Carson is here to stay on the FYP. The track, released in July, is seeing a new wave of popularity as creators pair a simple, 3-step dance to the opening verse. Over seventy thousand videos have been made to the record and fellow punk-rap artist Rico Nasty hopped on the app to join the dance craze. Peep her video and learn the choreography below.

Dess Dior Has Arrived

It girl and St. Louis-born, Savannah-bred rapper Dess Dior’s long-waited mixtape has arrived. Ahead of the project’s release, she’s used TikTok to tease “Naan Hoe,” from her 8-track project Raw, and users are starting to catch on. Dess herself used the Trina-inspired track under a day-in-the-life TikTok for NYFW, sending a bat signal to the fashion girlies and influencers of the app. With Dess’ social media popularity and the song’s catchiness, it’s sure to gain traction on the FYP. Check out Dess Dior’s TikToks below.


Come with me to NYC for a day ❤️‍🔥 had to show @TOPICALS a good time! #anightoutwithtopicals

♬ Nann Hoe – Dess Dior


Five months after its initial release, Omar Apollo’s “Evergreen” is taking the FYP by storm. The track and his album Ivory are rumored to represent his relationship with fellow singer Frank Ocean. Apollo sings, “You know you really made me hate myself / Had to stop before I break myself / Shoulda broke it off to date myself,” hinting at a not-so-perfect relationship with the elusive Blond singer. Not only are TikTok users having a ball with this information, but the chorus is also trending as background to thousands of videos where creators are showcasing their self-love journey. The song emphasizes the app’s softer, uplifting content, from open letters to the beauty standards users have overcome and video montages of fitness journeys. Watch below if you want to see fan reactions to the Omar/Frank tea or some tear-jerking content.

All I Want Is You (Maybe)

Miguel’s presence in R&B has been quite subtle since his 2017 project War & Leisure. Still, his classic “All I Want Is You,” has remained a fan favorite on vibey playlists and now on TikTok. Creators are doing what many of us do when cuffing season is right around the corner…thinking of their exes. Users are taking the opportunity to compare their current relationship to their former partner using the song’s bridge: “Cause they don’t smile, huh, or smell like you. ” See some of the hilarious videos below.


they’ll never be you stinks. #fyp #lgbt #toxic

♬ –


its not the same stink stink 😣

♬ –