Trina Proved Herself To Be The ‘Baddest B*tch’ With Her NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Trina did not come to mess around. The rapper — who recently collaborated with Latto and GloRilla — brought her songs to her NPR Tiny Desk Concert with a whole crew to give a gorgeous performance.

“This first song is dedicated to my mom,” she said, prefacing “Mama.” “Without her, there would be no me. And she’s the reason I’m standing here right now for you guys, so I want you to just enjoy.”

Harmonizing backing vocalists provided an enchanting backdrop for her flow about gratitude: “Mama, I wanna thank you / For sharing your blessings upon me / Taking time to understand the lady I wanna be,” she raps.

It only got better from there: “I wanna introduce you guys to the baddest b*tch,” she said before launching into the salacious “Da Baddest B*tch,” proving her range.

After those songs, she played “Single Again,” introducing it with a thoughtful speech: “Now, I wanna dedicate this song to all my single people, all my single ladies in the building. If you single, you came here today ain’t got no ring on your finger, just out here doing on your own, out here single, living your life to the fullest — I dedicate this song to you.”

“Here We Go” came afterwards, with the finale being “Nann N****.”

Watch her full performance above.