Yung Miami Asks Trina Whether She Really Dated Missy Elliott In A Hilarious ‘Caresha Please’ Teaser

Yung Miami‘s podcast, Caresha Please, returns this week with special guest Trina, the Miami rap pioneer whose influence can be heard throughout the City Girls’ catalog. Fans were delighted by a new teaser previewing the interview, which promises to get into all the spicy details of Miami’s industry relationships — including one that seemed to confuse a few observers.

In addition to addressing rumors about Trick Daddy and more, one of the names Miami throws out is Missy Elliott. “Why would Caresha ask Trina if she dated Missy Elliott?” asked one bewildered fan.

As it turns out, though, that particular rumor is actually a parody of the kind of celebrity-obsessed speculation that flew around even in the pre-social media days of the internet from Missy’s 2002 single “Gossip Folks.” In the song, a series of the titular folks discuss silly pitches like, “I heard she only eats one cracker a day,” and “I heard the bitch was married to Timb, then started f*ckin’ with Trina.”

And some interpreted this as another one of Yung Miami’s journalistic faux pas, it could also just as easily be read as the City Girl’s commitment to leaving no stone unturned in her search for the hottest of tea. After all, that song did drop when Miami was all of eight years old. Try explaining satire to one of them. You can check out more responses to the Caresha Please trailer below.