Tyler The Creator Announces The Release Date Of His New Album, ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’

After a week of cryptic teases and colorful previews, Tyler The Creator has announced the official release date of his next album, Call Me If You Get Lost. The album title comes as no surprise after it was prominently featured in much of the mysterious early rollout, but the release date may, as it’s less than two weeks away, on June 25. The announcement came complete with a crisp, retro-styled website with the videos for “Side Street” and “Lumberjack,” as well as a link to pre-purchase box sets including a CD, a poster, a T-shirt, and a commemorative box.

The marketing around Call Me If You Get Lost appears to ditch Tyler’s Andy Warhol-inspired Igor persona in favor of “Tyler Beaudelaire,” but maintains much of the retro feel of that album’s rollout, with videos shot to resemble Super 8 tapes and styling influenced by 1970s couture (check out those vintage trunks in the “Lumberjack” video). Meanwhile, a press release for the album promises that the hotline set up to preview the music from the album will remain active and periodically update with new snippets leading up to the release. In addition to the box set CDs, the website for Call Me If You Get Lost features cassette tapes of the album, sticking with the retro theme.

Check out the album cover and link to the pre-order website above.