Tyler The Creator And Nardwuar Talk About Justin Bieber’s Armpit Hair And Bad UK Food

A Nardwuar interview is always an experience, both for his viewers and the subjects of his interviews. Nardwuar’s conversations seem to work best when the interviewee plays along with Nardwuar’s eccentricities, and one of the best people at doing that is Tyler The Creator. The two have previously linked up for a couple of videos, and now the pair is back together again for their third conversation.

At one point during their chat, Nardwuar gifts Tyler a Justin Bieber pillew, to which Tyler responds, “I’m going to take this home, though. Wouldn’t be the first time I laid on him.” Nardwuar then pointed out how “daring” Bieber was by showing his armpit hair in the photo, and Tyler responded, “You could pluck it. He was a baddie.”

Towards the end of the conversation, Nardwuar asked about Tyler’s relationship with the UK, and he shared some things he likes and dislikes about the country, saying, “I just did three shows back-to-back there, I’m back in. Great parks, some great-looking people — I have friends out there — and I will say, some of the worst f*cking food I’ve ever had. It’s like they don’t season anything. Beans and tomatoes for breakfast. But you know, y’all do y’all thing.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, the two discuss samples, Paul Weller’s music, wigs, and more, so watch the full interview above.