Tyler The Creator Continues His Beef With Eminem, Saying He ‘Picks Some Of The Worst Beats Ever’

Tyler the Creator and Eminem have had longstanding beef. The drama heightened last year when Eminem name-dropped Tyler with a homophobic diss. Tyler recently said he was unaffected by the verse, however seemingly smoothing things over for the time being. But the pacifism didn’t last long. Tyler fired shots at Eminem’s musical production on a recent podcast, saying the rapper “picks some of the worst beats ever.

Tyler stopped by the most recent episode of the Broken Record podcast, sitting down with legendary producer Rick Rubin to discuss his most recent album, IGOR. But the conversation quickly turned to his thoughts about Eminem. As the rapper was explaining the way he listens and appreciates music, Tyler fired some shots at Eminem’s sound.

“Some people who hear a smooth beat like, ‘I’ma going fuckin’ yell on it! I’mma do this.‘ They’re more thinking of saying cool sh*t rather than making a good song,” he started. He then gave an example of a rapper who picks bad beats.

“Eminem picked some of the worst beats ever,” he said. But Tyler quickly backtracked to say that though Eminem picked subpar beats, his lyrical delivery made up for it. “His energy and witty lines is what made the songs cool.”

Listen to Tyler chat with Rick Ruben above.