Valee’s ‘You & Me Both’ Is A Breathless, Double-Fisted Shopping Spree

Valee may or may not be working on a new project for 2019, but if he keeps sprinkling material the way he has been, he’ll have more than enough songs for one by the end of the year. His latest new track is called “You & Me Both” and it amps up his quirkily original flow to the max — even if it does take a while for him to get into it. Over a driving, trap-heavy beat produced by ChaseTheMoney, Valee delivers some smooth, almost casual flexes about all the things he’s been copping for himself by the pair — one for him and one for the song’s addressee.

While he spends the early part of the song simply listing things as a sort of extended hook, the beat breaks down about halfway through and he really goes for broke, showing off the cascading delivery that has some fans calling him one of the most copied rappers from Chicago — a town that has plenty of rappers who get copied.

Ever since signing to GOOD Music last year, Valee’s been prolific but strategic in how he’s released his new music. He hasn’t dropped a new project yet, but it seems that he’s more than willing to build his buzz the old-fashioned way, releasing one new song at a time and letting the fans find him. Working with Matt Ox, DRAM, Lil Yachty, and Pusha T over the course of the past year, he’s slowly gaining the type of name recognition that will eventually make him a star on the level of his collaborators.