Who Will Host The Grammys In 2023?

The 65th annual Grammy Awards are set to premiere on February 5, 2023, and former Daily Show host Trevor Noah is scheduled to host the annual award show again.

The South African comedian and TV show host has become a mainstay for the yearly award show. Noah first hosted the program in 2021 before returning to host in 2022. Now for the third year in a row, the Recording Academy has tasked Noah with the coveted position.

In a recent Billboard interview, Noah revealed how he prepares for the award show, saying he likes to “get a sense of the vibe” of what’s happening in music and pop culture.

“First of all, I listen to absolutely everything that’s going to be on the show just to get a sense of the vibe,” Noah told Billboard. “I want to get into the feeling of what’s going to be happening on the night. I spend a lot of time writing and preparing for what will or won’t happen. I try to think about what’s happening in music and pop culture. Then obviously, I’m paying attention to what’s happening on the night. I try to craft my performance so that it is most complementary for what is happening from one performance to the next. We rehearse a lot, and we need to because it’s life, and, as I said, anything can happen.”