YG Gave A New Release Date For ‘4Real 4Real’ And Said That His Sixth Album Will Be His Last With Def Jam

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We’re still awaiting the release of YG’s fifth album 4Real 4Real. In early April, the California rapper revealed that he had initially planned to surprise release the album, but following the death of his friend and collaborator Nipsey Hussle decided to postpone. In mid-April, YG announced that the record’s new release date would be May 3. May 3, of course, has since come and gone, and while we did not get a new album, YG did give the world a catchy, new single in its stead. On Monday, we learned that 4Real 4Real is now expected to come on May 24. Even with 4Real 4Real still in the chamber, it appears YG is already thinking ahead to album six.

On Monday, the rapper tweeted, “After this album drop May 24th, I got 1 more album left, Finally bout to be a new man! The Marathon.” While the 29-year-old didn’t elaborate on what he meant by “1 more album left,” it can reasonably be assumed that he’s referring to the contractual obligation that he has to his label Def Jam. The rapper has released all four of his studio albums through the historic rap imprint which is owned by Universal Music Group.

YG’s invocation of “The Marathon” in his tweet is likely a reference to his fallen friend Hussle who released his music independently for most of his career and was a fierce proponent of black artists owning the rights to their own work.