Yung Lean And FKA Twigs Are Dressed For A Wedding In The New ‘Bliss’ Music Video

Idiosyncratic Swedish rapper and Drain Gang associate Yung Lean released his new mixtape Stardust today, following 2020’s critically-acclaimed Starz. It’s full of features from friends like Skrillex, Bladee (who also just unveiled a new record, Crest, recently), Ecco2k, FKA Twigs, Thaiboy Digital, and Ant Wan. The songs stick to his signature synthy sound underneath his deadpan mumble-rap.

“Bliss” is the ecstatic, bass-driven collaboration with Twigs, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett, and it opens up Stardust as the most upbeat track. Barnett’s high-pitched vocals give it an ethereal hyperpop edge while she sings about hedonism: “I want your bliss on bliss and little company / I only want it when it feels like this.” The track comes with a music video that matches the track’s chaotic vibe; it’s lo-fi and steamy, with Lean and Barnett in the back of an old car, dressed up for a wedding. At one point, Lean is rapping on a couch that’s on top of the car. It vaguely resembles something like an episode of Skins.

Barnett returned with more FKA Twigs material earlier this year with a mixtape titled Caprisongs, a play on her astrological sign, Capricorn. It followed her 2019 opus Magdalene, and proved her progress into a more unique style.

Watch the video for “Bliss” above.