Zacari And Isaiah Rashad List A Few Of The Things That Bring Them ‘Bliss’

Top Dawg Entertainment artists Zacari and Isaiah Rashad team up to list a few of their favorite things on “Bliss,” a punchy new single that could signal an upcoming project from the California label’s resident R&B singer. Although Zacari is known more for his slick vocals than the sort of heady raps his labelmates are known for, he delivers his lines with a staccato cadence that fits perfectly alongside Rashad’s more traditional flow.

Zacari isn’t the loudest or flashiest member of the crew, but he’s been more visible of late thanks to a recent collab with another rap-influenced West Coast singer, Blxst. The two rhythmic crooners connected for the smooth single “Sometimes” from Blxst’s new album, Before You Go, earlier this year and while Blxst isn’t exactly a superstar either, the track definitely resulted in added exposure for the normally low-key TDE member.

Meanwhile, Isaiah Rashad has gotten a lot of attention this year, but not for his music. Although he’s less than a year removed from his well-received sophomore album, The House Is Burning, Zay’s drawn the most publicity from the leak of a sex tape which also unfortunately outed him at the same time. However, in an interview with Joe Budden, he seems to have taken things in stride and turned the experience into a teachable moment for the hip-hop audience — and his bemused host.

Listen to “Bliss” above.