Comedian Zack Fox Finally Goes Full Rapper-Mode With His Still-Hilarious New EP, ‘STFU Talking To Me’

Comedian Zack Fox had previously dabbled in rap with mischievous singles like “Fafo,” “Jesus Is the One,” and “Square Up,” but as it turns out, those were just practice for him to lock in and release a full EP. That EP, Shut The F*ck Up Talking To Me, arrived last night and across its nine tracks, Fox turns out to be every bit as adept (and profane) a rapper as he is a standup comic.

Just check out “Mind Your Business,” an ’80s-R&B-sampling two-stepper that finds Fox slinging witty, wild one-liners like “I’m smokin’ big pressure, call that hypertension,” and “I took the top off the whip, circumcision.” Meanwhile, on the EP’s title track, Fox employs a soulful beat courtesy of The Alchemist to spit a multi-syllabic string of punchlines worthy of inclusion in the long list of hardcore rap artists that Alchemist has produced for in the past couple of years.

“Don’t get embarrassed tryna snatch my carats,” Fox warns, “My n***s barbaric, sh*t could get ugly as f*ck like Ed Sheeran.” No target is safe from his hilarious threats as he reps Atlanta, references wrestling, and delivers one smirking haymaker after another on his thoroughly impressive debut tape. You can check it out in full below.