Zack Fox Helps Phoebe Bridgers Get To Goth Prom On His New Twitch Show ‘Released!’

With much of today’s entertainment focusing on digital platforms in light of the pandemic, comedian and rapper Zack Fox teamed up with iheartcomix for his new Twitch series Released!. For the series premiere, Fox tapped Phoebe Bridgers to join him on a journey through outer space.

The show is reminiscent of late-night Adult Swim episodes with crude animations and off-the-cuff dialog. But Bridgers felt right at home, joining Fox in her signature skeleton costume and preparing to play a show at a “goth prom.” On their journey there, Bridgers performed music, unpacked her latest album Punisher, and undertook a quest to make the perfect punch.

Along with performing a few tracks like “Kyoto,” taking a ride in a flying space car, and chatting with a brash, animated dog, Bridgers spoke to Fox about the meaning behind her albums’ title: “Say you’re hitting on someone at a bar, and then their friend comes up and starts talking to you about Jordan Peterson or some sh*t and you’re like, ‘Please get me out of here.’ But they don’t release that they’re punishing you. So, I guess I’m self-conscious that I do that.”

Watch Bridgers on Fox’s Released! above.

Punisher is out now via Dead Oceans. Get it here.

Released! premieres Sundays at 7 p.m. ET on Twitch. Watch it here.