Zedd Brought Out Ice Spice At Ultra To Perform Her ‘Clarity’-Sampling ‘No Clarity’

Everybody’s riding the Ice Spice wave. With a fast, scorching flow, and the ability to slaughter any beat, it’s no wonder why Ice’s star is continuing to rise. Last night, during a performance at Ultra Miami, Zedd surprised the audience by bringing out Ice.

During her appearance in Zedd’s set, Ice performed one of her earlier tracks, “No Clarity,” which contains a sample of Zedd’s “Clarity.”

Ice’s take on Zedd’s 2012 breakthrough track features her rapping over a drill beat containing pitched-up vocals from the original. Some notable lines include “It get hot so I’m keepin’ my cool / And he like how I get in my mood / So why would you fuck with my mental / After all that I told you I been through / But you was my heart so I let you.”

When Ice appeared on stage, she was met with cheers from the audience.

Back in January, Ice recalled fondly of growing up on EDM sounds in an interview with NME.

“At a point of time in the early 2010s around middle school, I started hearing it more when it became more popular,” said Ice. “I was hearing Zedd and Skrillex a lot. Do you remember when Skrillex was super big? That was a whole era. People went from emo to Skrillex like that [snaps fingers].”

You can check out the clip above.