A Running List Of Staffers Who Have Left The Trump Administration

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The White House’s revolving door for high-ranking staffers has grown so notorious that President Trump’s staunchest allies can’t defend the chaos. Although Donald Trump rose to reality-show infamy by firing people on The Apprentice, the trend has become an embarrassing one. In early March, the Washington Post reported that the Trump administration’s turnover rate sits at a stunning 43 percent — the highest seen in D.C. in over four decades — and that statistic has further risen after only a few more days.

In an effort to chronicle the madness, here’s a chronological listing of the major departures, whether by firing, resignation, or otherwise … so far:

Sally Yates – Jan. 30, 2017: Trump fired the acting attorney general, who was appointed by Obama, after she directed the Justice Department not to defend the president’s first travel ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Michael Flynn – Feb. 13, 2017: Trump’s first national security advisor resigned after mounting reports that he was vulnerable to Russian blackmail. Flynn has since worked out a sweetheart deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and pleaded guilty only to lying to the FBI, despite a wealth of other alleged offenses like lobbying for Turkey during the U.S. election.

Preet Bharara – March 11, 2017: Although Trump had previously requested that the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Manhattan stay in his position, he was fired, along with several of his colleagues, after refusing to submit his resignation to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Katie Walsh – March 30, 2017: The deputy chief of staff departed amid a shakeup, choosing to become an advisor for the Republican National Committee and a pro-Trump super PAC, America First Policies.

K.T. McFarland – April 9, 2017: The deputy national security advisor left her post after reportedly being asked to do so and subsequently became the U.S. ambassador to Singapore.

Angella Reid – May 5, 2017: The first female White House chief usher was dismissed for reasons that seemed unclear to her at the time, although Axios reports that she was “considered mean” by staffers.

James Comey – May 9, 2017: Trump axed the beloved FBI director in an announcement so shocking that Comey thought that television reports of his firing were a joke. It was later revealed that Trump pressured Comey to kill the federal investigation into “good guy” Michael Flynn, although Comey’s firing was initially framed as a response to how he handled the Clinton email probe.

Mike Dubke – May 18, 2017: Trump’s very first White House communications director resigned amid rumors of an impending staff “shakeup.” Indeed, that shakeup hasn’t stopped yet.

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