Stephen Colbert Wants Omarosa To Know That Trump Can Still Hear Her Whisper On Reality TV

The idea that Omarosa Manigault-Newman, a noted reality television villain and drama magnet, would be telling the truth about the Trump administration on her latest reality venture seems a little hard to believe. Many don’t have to hear her say it to know that the current leadership is bad for the country because they already think that. Now they’ll welcome her to the #Resistance and move on to the next crisis.

But Stephen Colbert is here to remind the former member of the Trump Administration that the president can still hear her on reality television, even when she is whispering. He is like Sauron, but only when you appear on the very thing he reportedly spends most of his evening in front of with a bag of cheeseburgers.

And Colbert is one of those people that didn’t need the reminder that things were not going to end well with Trump in charge:

“I had an inkling things weren’t going to be OK when Trump hired Omarosa to work in the White House.”

If she wanted folks to be talking about her during this appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, the former reality villainess has certainly succeeded. Now we just wait for a certain someone to tweet out a new nickname and this weekend’s news cycle is set.

(Via The Late Show)