Adele Was Spotted Dancing And Flipping Her Hair To ‘WAP’ At A Party And People Love It

Perhaps it’s because her own music is so formal and classical, but when Adele gets down to another artist, fans love it. Of course, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” isn’t just any other artist, and the song’s rightful place in raunchy, X-rated rap song history has been established long before Adele hair-flipped to the track. But, it’s still another great co-sign to see another pop star acknowledging the song’s power while out and about at the function.

Multiple people caught videos of Adele getting down to “WAP” while attending a birthday party for Savannah Brinson, aka the wife of basketball legend LeBron James. While it’s not like she’s grinding or twerking to the song — she’s still seated in the videos captured — she’s definitely enjoying the song and singing along. Which lets us confirm, if nothing else, that she’s not team Tucker Carlson. If you remember correctly, Conservatives lost their minds when “WAP” came out last year. Instead, Adele is flipping her hair and enjoying the song, as it was intended. Check out clips below.

Of course, the British superstar has also been known to return the favor — a few years ago a couple danced so hard at her show that she reportedly decided to attend their wedding. Game recognize game.