Adele Says Her Ideal ‘Last Meal’ Would Be A McDonald’s Big Mac And Chicken McNuggets

Adele may have moved to Los Angeles a few years ago, but she still get nostalgic over classic British food. The singer put her taste buds to the test in a recent “Ultimate British Taste Test” segment for British Vogue. Although she enjoyed the dishes, the singer admitted that her favorite meal would actually just be fast food from McDonald’s.

The Ultimate British Taste Test video begins with Adele describing how she likes to make her tea, dispelling rumors from her “Hello” video that shows her pouring boiling water in a cup before putting a tea bag in, which to many Brits was an offense worthy of her being canceled. Armed with a blindfold, Adele then tries to guess several classic British dishes solely based off their taste. Some of the dishes were easier for her to guess, like pickled eggs, pork pie, and a full English breakfast. But Adele missed the mark when it came to guessing dishes like spotted dick (a baked pudding made from dried fruit).

During the game, Adele also revealed what food she loves so much that she would chose it to be her last-ever meal: McDonald’s. “My ideal meal, my death row meal, my last meal would be a chicken nugget with a Big Mac and then fries,” she said. “That’s my three-course. I eat it at least once a week.”

Watch Adele do a blindfolded taste test with British Vogue above.