Adele Is Getting A Two-Hour TV Special, ‘Adele One Night Only,’ To Celebrate Her Comeback

Adele’s comeback is a big deal, so much so that she has secured her own TV special for it.

On social media today, Adele shared a promotional image for something called Adele One Night Only, which is being presented by CBS on November 14.

Her posts don’t offer much info beyond that, but a press release reveals more details. The program is a two-hour special that’s set to air on CBS, from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. ET. One component of the special is a set of performances, which will be filmed in Los Angeles and include both familiar and new songs. Additionally, Adele will also be interview by Oprah Winfrey from her rose garden, about “her new album, the stories behind the songs, life after divorce, weight loss, and raising her son.”

Notably (but not really), it doesn’t look like Adele’s recent feud with Peppa Pig is on the agenda. Recently, a fan asked Adele if she’d collaborate with the animated children’s television star, and she exclaimed, “No!” A few weeks later, Peppa shared a message with Adele, saying, “That made me really, really sad when you said you wouldn’t collaborate with me. Why not? Don’t you like me?” Thankfully, the situation has been resolved, as Adele was apologetic and said, “Peppa, I’ll always do a duet with you, babes. Love ya!”