Adele Explained Why She’s ‘Not A Big Touring Artist’ And How Her Residency Has Changed Her View About Concerts

As Adele is almost a month into her Vegas residency, Weekends With Adele, she is getting very personal with her audience. This past weekend, she opened up about her divorce, and shared how she got through it (per NME).

She revealed to the audience that she’s been going to therapy, after having taken a pause following the process of the divorce.

“I started having therapy again because I went a few years without it. I needed to start,” she said. “Before, obviously, when I was going through my divorce I was basically having, like, five therapy sessions a day.”

She continued, saying, “I stopped holding myself accountable for my own behavior and the things I would say and it’s because I would always fall back on my therapist.”

In addition to helping her cope during her divorce, Adele said that therapy has helped her become more comfortable with performing live.

“My whole therapy session this week was really interesting. It was about these shows,” she said. “I always get so emotional. I love making music, but there is something about performing live that actually terrifies me and fills me with dread. That is why I am not a big touring artist. I did it last time to prove I could do it. But this experience of being in a room this size, I think I might be a live artist for the rest of my life.”