Adele Comes To Terms With Growing Up In Her ‘I Drink Wine’ Video

Just weeks ahead of the launch of her Las Vegas residency, “Weekends With Adele,Adele has shared the much-anticipated video for “I Drink Wine.” The song is one of the standouts from Adele’s fourth studio album, 30, which was released almost a year ago. On the song, she comes to terms with getting older and faces the perpetual heartache of life.

“When I was a child, every single thing could blow my mind / Soaking it all up for fun, but now I only soak up wine / They say to play hard, you work hard, find balance in the sacrifice / Yet I don’t know anybody who’s truly satisfied,” she sings over a saccharine piano.

In the video, Adele is seen floating down a river in a magical, colorful. As the song’s title suggests, Adele drinks wine as she floats on by several couples and families enjoying their days, while Adele can’t help but ponder her existence. Poet and author Olivia Gatwood and actor Jimmie Fails appear on the riverside. Later in the video, she is approached by a man played by Insecure‘s Kendrick Sampson. While the two have a fun, playful encounter, their interaction is interrupted by a group of synchronized swimmers.

A big reveal at the end of the video puts things into perspective for the old soul, who is coming to terms with getting older, but “none the wiser,” as she sings on the song.

Check out the “I Drink Wine” video