Alfonso Herrera Had A Cheeky Response To The News Of RBD Reuniting Without Him

RBD broke the Latinx Internet on Monday (December 19) with the news of their reunion next year. Five of the six members were celebrating the Mexican band’s comeback minus Alfonso “Poncho” Herrera who decided not to return. Later that night, Herrera referenced the music of RBD in a post to help refugees around the world.

Instead of posting about RBD’s reunion on Monday, Herrera referenced one of his old band’s hits in a post for ACNUR, a Latin American division of the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees. Using the lyrics from “Rebelde,” he wrote in Spanish, “If you are a rebel and don’t follow others… I invite you to donate to a good cause.”

ACNUR is an organization that helps support refugees who are in search of safety and shelter. Earlier this year, Herrera also starred in season four of Ozarks. RBD will reunite sans Herrera on January 19, 2023.

Through the Mexican telenovela Rebelde, RBD rose to prominence in 2004. The Latin Grammy nominated-group was formed by Anahí, Dulce María, Christian Chávez, Christopher von Uckermann, Maite Perroni, and Herrera. After multiple successful world tours, RBD split in 2009.

Following his time in RBD, Herrera has focused on his acting career in Mexico and the US. He has starred in shows like Netflix’s Sense8, Fox’s short-lived The Exorcist, and Queen Of The South. When Anahí, Chávez, von Uckermann, and Perroni reunited under RBD momentarily in 2020, he also opted out of that reunion. Even though Herrera has shifted his priorities in his career, he continues to show love to his former band mates on social media.