Ariana Grande’s ‘Real,’ Deeper Voice Came Out In An Interview Before She Switched Back To A Higher Pitch And People Have Thoughts

Ariana Grande has one of the most distinctive voices in popular music, and that’s true both when she’s singing and just talking. Some have noticed, though, that over the years, Grande’s natural speaking voice appears to have changed. That conversation has now been revitalized thanks to a new interview.

Grande was recently a guest on Penn Badgley’s Podcrushed podcast and one clip from the chat is making the rounds on X (formerly Twitter). In the clip, Grande laughingly makes a comment about something that was said previously, and her voice sounds lower than it typically does. When she moves on to a different topic, though, her voice returns to the higher-sounding version she usually speaks in nowadays.

Social media has been full of reactions. One X user wrote, “i lowkey hate Ariana’s new voice i miss the way she use to speak her new voice is just so forced to me.” The user who originally shared the Podcrushed clip added in another tweet, “i seen a couple people call it weird. yall acting like y’all’s voices don’t change in certain spaces and settings. her interview voice is no different, especially cause singers use to to preserve their vocals. don’t bring no dumb sh!t over here.”

Another X user backed up that vocal preservation claim by sharing an old video of Grande explaining this herself. In the clip, Grande’s voice sounds like the higher version she most frequently uses today. Grande says in the video, “I’m speaking in a slightly higher placement than I usually speak in, because I’ve been doing a lot of interviews all day and I’m trying to keep my voice healthy.”