Ariana Grande Gets A Five-Year Restraining Order Against A Man Who Showed Up To Her House With A Knife

Ariana Grande has millions of adoring fans across the globe, but that also unfortunately means she’s had some run-ins with some stalkers in her past. Most recently, the singer’s security team stopped a man who showed up to her house wielding a knife. It wasn’t clear if Grande was home at the time, but she was so shaken up by the event that she sought a restraining order against the man — which was just granted by a judge this week.

Last month, 23-year-old Aharon Brown was taken into custody by police after he arrived at Grande’s Hollywood Hills house at 2 a.m. Brown reportedly faced Grande’s security and demanded to speak to the singer. When he was refused, Brown allegedly later returned to the property, brandished a large hunting knife, and “threatened to kill her,” according to Rolling Stone.

Earlier this week, one of Grande’s security guards testified in court about the incident. His account of the night led LA County Superior Court Judge Reginald L. Neal to grant the singer a five-year restraining order against Brown, which expires October 5 2026. In a statement given to the court, Grande detailed how the situation “terrifies” her for her safety. “The fact that Mr. Brown has been regularly coming to my home for over six months terrifies me,” Grande said in the statement. “Based on his threats, I am fearful for my safety and for the safety of my family. I fear that absent a restraining order, Mr. Brown will continue to come to my home and attempt to physically harm or murder me or members of my family.”

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