‘Baby Shark’ Has Dethroned ‘Despacito’ To Become The Most-Viewed YouTube Video Of All Time

On the list of the most-viewed YouTube videos of all time, music videos occupy the majority of the top spots. For a good while, at the top of the list was the video for the original version of “Despacito” (the one that doesn’t feature Justin Bieber). Now, though, the hugely popular song has been dethroned by another mega-successful hit, albeit a very different one: The most popular video in the history of YouTube is now “Baby Shark.”

The race is currently neck and neck, and perhaps the news of a changing of the guard could prompt some back-and-forth in the rankings, since the view counts are so close: As of press time, “Baby Shark” has about 7.041 billion views while “Despacito” has around 7.038 billion.

The crazes surrounding both songs aren’t as intense as they used to be, but boy were both tracks major events. Travis Scott turned up in the club to “Baby Shark,” an EDM remix of the song was beloved at Coachella, and presumably, many youngsters from all over still queue up “Baby Shark” multiple times a day. Meanwhile, “Despacito” only needed 24 days to become the most-viewed YouTube video ever, a title it gained with around 2.997 billion views.

Watch both videos below.