A ‘Baby Shark’ EDM Remix Debuted At Coachella And People Actually Loved It

Brittany NO FOMO

For some reason, everyone’s favorite nursery rhyme, “Baby Shark,” has made its way from toddler playtime into popular culture. If you’ve never heard of the song, let me be the first to warn you that the obnoxiously catchy tune will not leave your head for the rest of the day. The song recently turned into a meme and James Corden featured a rendition of the tune on The Late Late Show. “Baby Shark” even landed in the Billboard Hot 100 chart in January. Now, the song has been played at the biggest festival of the year.

Back in November, EDM artist Jauz promised his Twitter followers he would play a remix of the nursery rhyme during his daytime Coachella set if he got 20,000 retweets. Clearly, his fans were excited to hear the remix, because the tweet quickly surpassed 20,000 retweets.

Jauz followed up on his highly-anticipated promise by remixing “Baby Shark” with the popular electronic song “Sandstorm.”



The crowd recognized the hit and immediately started dancing along to the catchy tune.

The DJ hyped up the remix before the festival with billboards boasting Jauz is “the real daddy shark.”

After his set, Jauz thanked his fans for their support and jokingly apologized to parents who let their kids watch.