Billie Eilish’s Message For Her 10-Year-Old Self Is About Justin Bieber And It Would Blow Her Young Mind

Billie Eilish stans know that she is close friends with Alex Wolff. If you need a refresher, Wolff first came to fame as a child, co-starring alongside his brother Nat in the Nickelodeon series The Naked Brothers Band. He’s had a strong past couple years in the acting world, too, as he had a role in Oppenheimer and he’s in the upcoming A Quiet Place: Day One.

So, in light of their bond, it was clear Eilish and Wolff enjoyed getting to hang out and shoot a new Vogue video asking each other a bunch of fun questions.

About three minutes in, Wolff asked, “If you could send your 10-year-old self one message from the future, what would that be?” Eilish answered, “I would say, ‘You can — and have and do — call Justin Bieber at any given time. Any time you want. Any time you want, you can. And he’ll answer.’ That’s what I would say.”

Elsewhere in the video, Wolff asked Eilish for “one dream song collaboration” and Eilish responded with a smile, “Nobody.” At another point, Eilish prompted Wolff, “If you don’t like blank, we can’t be friends.” His reply was The Beatles, and Eilish said, “I met someone who hates The Beatles, and I didn’t know how to look at them. […] Doesn’t make sense. […] There’s, like, a deep moral point of, like, then what’s going on?”

Check out the video above.