Billie Eilish Shows Off Her And Finneas’ Home Studio And It Sure Looks Like They’re Making New Music

Back in December, Finneas revealed he and Billie Eilish had started working on a new album. Indeed, new music has been happening, as Eilish debuted a song called “TV” live in Manchester last month. Now, Eilish has seemingly offered a behind-the-scenes look at their recording process: In an Instagram photo gallery she shared over the weekend, one of the photos (the second one) is of herself and Finneas in what appears to be Finneas’ home studio (which they’ve mentioned before).

The post doesn’t indicate when exactly the photo was taken, but it does seem it’s from after at least early December 2021: On the left side of the frame, sitting on a piano is a cue card from her week being the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and that episode aired on December 11.

Looking elsewhere in the photo, the focal point is Finneas’ production setup. Finneas sits (in a Steelcase Leap chair, it appears) in front of a wide desk that features a pull-out drawer for a keyboard (the musical kind, not a QWERTY). There’s also a monitor (displaying various bits of music software), a couple speakers, and what appear to be other music production devices. Meanwhile, on a table near Eilish are some fruit, pistachios, some water, a frozen drink, and artist Friedrich Kunath’s book You Owe Me A Feeling.

Elsewhere in recent Eilish social media activity, over on TikTok earlier this month, Eilish sang along to a video of a man playing her “Listen Before I Go” on piano, so in case you missed it, check that out below.