Billie Eilish Wants To Jam With Lisa In The New ‘Simpsons’ Short Film

So far this year, The Simpsons have been staying relevant within the music world. The show invited The Weeknd to voice the character of Orion Hughes, a famous kid influencer, in “Bart The Cool Kid” last month, following the release of the pop star’s massive album Dawn FM. It was just recently announced that Billie Eilish would be the next guest in The Simpsons, for a short film called When Billie Met Lisa.

That short film is out today on Disney+. Eilish, unlike The Weeknd, is literally playing herself; her character keeps her once-signature black and green hair and rings. She hears Lisa playing the saxophone under an overpass, and wonders: “Can John Coltrane really be playing under a freeway overpass? No, he’s dead.” She introduces herself to Lisa while upside down, hanging from the overpass, and Lisa immediately starts weeping, which is a realistic reaction for kids to have upon meeting their favorite celebrities.

This isn’t Eilish’s first crossover with television; the “Happier Than Ever” singer hosted SNL late last year. “The week of preparing for SNL is f*cking nuts, dude. It’s literally alien. I cried every single day of the week, no joke at all,” she admitted.