Billie Eilish Barely Keeps A Straight Face In An ‘SNL’ Sketch About A Sh*tty Hotel With Kate McKinnon

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably knew that Billie Eilish was pulling double duty on Saturday Night Live tonight — hosting and appearing as the musical guest. And though she already absolutely nailed her first musical number of the night, performing a moody ballad turned headbangerHappier Than Ever, as host, she’s also on the hook for a couple of sketch appearances as well.

And the writers behind this comedy sketch show wasted no time throwing Billie in the deep end, playing a straight-faced hotel employee alongside the extra hilarious Kate McKinnon, as the pair give a rundown of all the, ahem, “amenities,” at the corporate hotel from hell. It’s no surprise these two are working together after the promo skit they did to promote Billie’s episode.

To her credit, Billie does a great job deadpanning alongside one of the best in the business, but sometimes she can barely keep a straight face alongside Kate. Who can blame her?
At one point, Finneas cuts through as one of the most chaotic bellboy/concierges to ever work at a hotel, though his rundown of quirks and flaky promises about procuring drugs for guests will probably feel pretty spot on for most. Check out the sketch above to catch Billie and Finneas in action.