Billie Eilish Recorded A Live Acoustic Album At Jack White’s Third Man Records

Since Billie Eilish arrived as a pop superstar following the success of “Bad Guy,” she has been performing for huge audiences around the world. Recently, though, she performed for a decidedly smaller crowd in a significantly more intimate environment: Eilish (along with her brother Finneas) performed an acoustic set at Third Man Records’ Blue Room in Nashville, Tennessee. The 11-song performance was recorded direct to acetate, and it will be released on vinyl as an LP that will be available in December, exclusively at Third Man’s retail locations in Nashville and Detroit.

The secret show was invite-only, and as The Tennessean notes, Eilish was impressed with the technology behind making the live album. Pointing to the live video feed of the recording process, she said, “Do you see that? They’re like making my voice onto a thing. Like right now! That’s crazy.” She also thanked Jack White for “inspiring a whole generation of people to do what they want.” Eilish added, “All I ask is we all try to be just happy we’re alive, and happy that we’re breathing. That we’re here and we’re safe. That’s pretty much it, for us to all be grateful that we’re here right now.”

Check out the setlist for the show below.

1. “Wish You Were Gay” (not recorded)
2. “All The Good Girls Go To Hell”
3. “Ocean Eyes”
4. “Bad Guy”
5. “Idontwannabeyouanymore”
6. “Bury A Friend”
7. “Come Out And Play”
8. “Copycat”
9. “I Love You”
10. “Bellyache”
11. “When The Party’s Over”