Billie Eilish Takes Over An Opulent Ballroom For A Jazzy ‘Lost Cause’ Performance

Billie Eilish is no stranger to filmed performances of her music. After giving renditions of her songs at countless awards shows, festivals, and even a Disney+ exclusive movie concert, Eilish now brings her recent album Happier Than Ever to a glamorous ballroom to deliver her woozy track “Lost Cause” for Vevo.

Shot on 35mm film in the Crystal Ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel in LA, the shimmering performance matches the opulence of the set location. It opens with Finneas on bass and a drummer offering some smooth percussive elements before panning out to show Eilish on a second-story overlook. Bending and contorting her voice to match the slow-burning beat, Eilish moves around the room with a sense of urgency.

In a statement about the performance, JP Evangelista — Vevo’s SVP of Content, Programming & Marketing — praised Eilish’s work ethic. “All of us at Vevo have been huge fans of Billie for years and love working with her. We collaborated closely with her on each of these Official Live Performances, and worked hard to create a cohesive series to match her aesthetic and sound,” Evangelista said. “Billie is always so involved in the vision of her music videos, and her detailed input is a huge part of what makes these performances special. It’s been such a pleasure watching her blossom into the superstar that she is today, from her first music videos, to very intimate fan shows, Billie is truly one of a kind. We look forward to more successful future collaborations.”

Watch Eilish perform “Lost Cause” for Vevo above.

Happier Than Ever is out now via Interscope. Get it here.