Billie Eilish Uses The Toilet In A TikTok Video Brushing Off Criticism Of Her Oscars Dress: ‘I Am Sh*tting Right Now’

Billie Eilish had a big night at the Academy Awards this past weekend, as she and Finneas performed “No Time To Die” during the show and picked up the Oscar for Best Original Song. Eilish, ever the fashion innovator, also arrived with a distinct look. On the pre-show red carpet, Eilish wore a dress that Vogue described as “designer Alessandro Michele’s tiered, ruffled, off-the-shoulder gown with a dramatic train.” ET called it “an all-black tulle dress by Gucci.”

Not everybody was a fan of the outfit, as one TikTok user included Eilish on their list of the worst-dressed celebrities from the event. In their video, they said, “I hate to do it, but here’s my worst-dressed from the Oscars.” The video then cuts to a photo of Eilish and the person says, “I’ve had enough of her sh*t.”

That got a response out of Eilish, who duetted the clip, adding a video of herself sitting on the toilet, seemingly mid-use, her baggy t-shirt strategically positioned to cover herself. Eilish starts by flashing a peace sign before transitioning into just the middle finger. She captioned the video, “i HAVENT had enough of my sh*t. i am sh*tting right now.”

Check out the video below.


#duet with @koltenkephart i HAVENT had enough of my shit. i am shitting right now.

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