Britney Spears’ Court-Appointed Lawyer Is Reportedly Stepping Down After 13 Years

In recent days, there have been a lot of changes regarding the Britney Spears conservatorship situation and her life in general. Specifically, people involved are starting to distance themselves. A few days ago, it was reported that Bessemer Trust, the financial institution that was set to become Britney’s co-conservator, backed out. Then, just earlier today, it was revealed that Spears’ longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, submitted his resignation, indicating that Spears has been “voicing her intention to officially retire” from music.

Now, another domino has apparently fallen: TMZ reports that Samuel Ingham, Spears’ court-appointed lawyer for the past 13 years, will file documents “as early as today” requesting to “be dismissed as Britney’s court-appointed lawyer.”

The publication reports, citing “sources with direct knowledge,” that Ingham is “extremely upset” by Spears’ statement in court, “that she never knew she could end the conservatorship,” as he “regularly gave Britney options, including requesting that the conservatorship should end,” but she chose not to act on them.

Following the hearing in which Spears spoke out, she shared a follow-up message on Instagram, writing, ““I apologize for pretending like I’ve been ok the past two years. I did it because of my pride and I was embarrassed to share what happened to me … but honestly who doesn’t want to capture [their] Instagram in a fun light. Believe it or not pretending that I’m ok has actually helped.”