Britney Spears’ Mom Is Reportedly Helping Her Find A Private Lawyer To End Her Conservatorship

It’s been a few weeks since Britney Spears publicly addressed her “abusive” conservatorship for the first time, and members of her team are leaving. The financial institution set to act as her co-conservator reportedly backed out, and earlier this week, her longtime manager and court-appointed lawyer stepped down from their roles. Without a lawyer and a manager, Spears is now allegedly scrambling to find a private lawyer to help end her conservatorship — and now her mom is helping out.

According to a report from TMZ, Lynne Spears, the singer’s mom, is asking a judge to allow her daughter to hire her own private lawyer. Lynne’s lawyer filed court documents saying Britney is now able to care for herself, which may not have been the case 13 years ago when the conservatorship was enacted.

The court documents filed by Lynne’s lawyer state Spears has “had to perform in front of millions of people, has had to manage hundreds of performances, has had to use her artistic and creative talents to prepare for shows by choreographing each and every move for and interacting with many co-performers, and has had to rehearse and perform for many thousands of hours over the years.” The documents also list ten demands that Spears made in her public appearance, but firstly request that Spears be able to choose her own lawyer, or at lease approve one that the court appoints.