Britney Spears Immediately Regretted Her New Tattoo That Apparently ‘Really, Really Sucks’

Britney Spears made headlines for having an alleged manic episode in a Los Angeles restaurant last week. She spoke out against those reports with an Instagram post. Her husband, Sam Asghari, also appeared to downplay the rumors.

About her alleged manic episode, Spears wrote: “I’m sure I brought a billion SMILES to me LOOKING LIKE SHREK at a restaurant,” she wrote. “Even my best friend couldn’t WAIT TO SEND IT TO ME, THEY DON’T THINK TWICE because we are all natural born killers … I know the news is all hyped about me being a little drunk at a restaurant … it’s like they’ll be WATCHING MY EVERY MOVE [eyes emoji] !!! I’m so flattered they talk about me like a maniac THEN have the balls to talk about all the negative things that happened in my past !!! Honestly it would be safer for me to compliment this world and f*ck up because if I become a prophet and don’t create history, we might have something y’all… I’m just KIDDING, but it’s a good thought.”

Now, a different Instagram post has fans worried about Spears. The singer is excited to be tattooed, repeating, “Tattoo time,” with a smile before holding out her wrist and being tattooed. Despite her enthusiasm, the caption reads, “Tattoo in Maui 3 days ago 😜😜😜 !!! Can’t show it because it sucks 😂😂😂 !!! Like really really sucks !!! Sh*t 🙈🙈🙈 !!! Psss … I have to fix it 🙄🙄🙄 !!!” True to her word, Spears has not posted a photo of the tattoo, but hopefully it’s an easy fix.

Watch the Instagram reel below.