Britney Spears Surprised Fans By Her Pick Of The Favorite Song She’s Done (And It’s A Hidden Gem)

Britney Spears surprised fans with a new Instagram video today (Feb. 24), where the pop hitmaker revealed what her favorite song of hers is.

“My song ‘The Hook Up’ !!! It was never released as a single but it was always my favorite !!!” Spears said, according to Billboard, as it was eventually deleted.

While many fans might have thought it could have been any pick across her discography, including the massive ones like “Toxic” and “Oops!… I Did It Again,” she chose a hidden gem from her 2003 record, In The Zone. (It’s also worth noting that this album will be turning 20 later this year, so perhaps there’s something to Spears’ fave.)

After the reveal, casual Spears listeners noted that while they hadn’t particularly heard of “The Hook Up” before, they were going to check it out now. Others felt seen by Brit’s love for the song — and the album as a whole, throwing out additional recs for “Breathe On Me” and other high-caliber songs.

“Me and britney having the same fav song from her discog iktr,” one fan wrote.

“In The Zone has always been (and will always be) that girl,” another added.

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