Topless Britney Spears Rolls Around In Bed For Her Latest Nude Photos And Videos

With how often Britney Spears posts and how revealing her dispatches tend to be, she has one of the most popular Instagram accounts in all of music. There are different kinds of “revealing” when it comes to Spears’ posts: Sometimes, she’ll get vulnerable/honest about how she’s feeling, and other times, she’ll show off some serious skin with racy photos and videos. Her latest posts fall in the latter category.

In four separate posts, Spears shows off photos and videos of herself laying in bed, with just underwear on and only bed sheets or hands covering her top half. She seems to have had a terrific time shooting these posts, as the video post shows her flashing wide smiles as she rolls around bed and strikes various poses.

It appears this is all going down in the UK, as Spears captioned one of the posts, “Waking up in London with my Cabo thong !!!” She added in another, “Not sure … tea or coffee ???? I held my phone up with a book and a remote control to shoot this ….”

Elsewhere in recent Spears Instagram activity, she took time to offer praise for both Selena Gomez and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Check out the posts above and below.