‘Idea Factory’ Britney Spears Is Sitting On A ‘Plethora’ Of Unreleased Music, will.i.am Believes

Britney Spears has kept relatively quiet in terms of her post-conservatorship musical output: She and Elton John unveiled “Hold Me Closer” last year, then she and will.i.am came through with “Mind Your Business” last week. will.i.am reckons, though, that Spears is actually sitting on a massive vault of unreleased songs.

In an interview with TMZ, the Black Eyes Peas member said:

“I could tell you from this experience of fine-tuning ‘Mind Your Business’… she sent over some ideas, like, ‘Hey, put this on it!’ And then I’m like, ‘Yo, Britney, this idea that you just gave right there, it’s actually a new song. This is freaking crazy.’ She gave this idea that was like, ‘Wow, wait wait, you can’t just throw this away in this song. This is a whole song within itself.’ She has ideas and an idea factory. […] I could only imagine that Britney is sitting on a plethora of songs that she’s done with different producers. I’m pretty sure her and Pharrell probably have stuff that was unreleased, I’m pretty sure that… yeah, she has to have them. No artist that is that prolific, that’s an ideation machine doesn’t have a plethora of stuff.”

He also spoke about collaborating with Spears over the years, saying, “I always love working with Britney. I’ve had the honors of working with her for multiple songs. […] To have four songs with the princess of pop is amazing.”