BTS Start Their Day By Performing ‘Butter’ And ‘Dynamite’ On ‘Good Morning America’

BTS have a real song of the summer contender with their new single “Butter,” and they earned some points on that front this morning by kicking off the Good Morning America summer concert series. The group started their morning (well, technically, this morning was nighttime in South Korea) with performances of “Butter” and “Dynamite” for the show.

They also did some interviews on the show and revealed the biggest inspiration behind their songs, saying, “So basically, thinking of Army, that’s the biggest inspiration.” They also discussed how they passed the time while they quarantined together during the pandemic: “Sleeping, eating McDonald’s, making ‘Dynamite,’ working on ‘Butter,’ somebody watering the plants, painting, playing guitars… we did everything.” The group also spoke about how the immediate success of “Butter” feels, saying simply, “It feels great to see people all around the world enjoy enjoy it so much.”

The group’s recent Guinness World Records were also mentioned. It was confirmed recently that “Butter” set the record for the most viewers on a YouTube music video premiere with 3.9 million concurrent viewers. The video also set the records for the most YouTube video views in 24 hours with 108,200,000 views, and the most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group.

Watch clips from BTS’ Good Morning America appearance above and below.