BTS Continue Their Week On ‘The Tonight Show’ With A Cozy ‘Home’ Performance

BTS are in the midst of a week of appearances on The Tonight Show, which they launched on Monday with a pair of performances. They returned to the program last night for day two with a pre-taped performance of “Home.” The performance was a spectacle, with the group singing from within a set designed to look like a home. At one point, they found themselves in a rotating room, like the kind used to film that scene from Inception.

Meanwhile, the group is also the subject of a new Variety profile, in which they say they address politics in a time when many other artists are. Suga said, “I don’t consider ourselves as political. We aren’t trying to send out some grandiose message. We would see Army as a conduit for our voice or our opinion. Army speaks their own initiatives, and we always respect their opinions, as we respect any other person’s.” RM added, “We are not political figures, but as they say, everything is political eventually. Even a pebble can be political.”

They acklowledge their influence, though, as RM said, “Our [‘Dynamite’] video has seen 80 million, almost 90 million views in just a day. In a way, that’s very weighty — and almost frightening.”

Watch BTS’ performance of “Home” above.