BTS Cover Diddy And Faith Evans’ ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ In The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

BTS has been achieving milestone after milestone lately, and now they’ve just tallied another one: The group had their first BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge performance today. They performed two of their own songs — “Dynamite” and “Permission To Dance” — and as is tradition, they also did a cover. The group chose “I’ll Be Missing You,” the classic single from Puff Daddy (now known as Diddy) and Faith Evans.

According to BBC Radio 1 presenter Adele Roberts (via Metro), Suga’s Korean rap on the song translates to:

“We’re now used to our routines taken away
But still can’t give up living on
We’re more worn out because we don’t know where this ends
We’re an island we made ourselves because we couldn’t trust each other
Hope an end comes for this tiring pandemic virus
Negative thoughts can sometimes be a minus
I knew it wasn’t the end so I couldn’t say bye
When that day comes, will say ‘hi’ like nothing happened. […]
I hate this world, our traces became memories
I just empty my mind, trust without conditions
I fill it every day with just loneliness
Not like the longing that encircles me
We miss you, baby
Whenever it may be
Here’s hoping we meet again, I promise.”

The group said of the performance, “It’s been almost two years we haven’t seen the ARMYs. It’s like 700 days and it’s the first time ever because sometimes we meet them three times, twice a day, and now it’s been a year or so. We miss all of you, BBC, Armys, everyone abroad
and in Korea, too. It’s kind of like a message to all of you.”

Ahead of the performance, Roberts said in a press release (as Consequence notes), “[BTS] have been so passionate, so supportive, and have hoped for a Radio 1 Live Lounge since the first time we played the band. Four years later, BTS have broken records, barriers, and boundaries. That dream is now going to be a reality. I’m beyond excited for us to finally be hosting the biggest boy band in the world!”

Watch BTS cover “I’ll Be Missing You” above and find their “Dynamite” and “Permission To Dance” performances below.